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Interested in a career with the Village Dog Pack? You’ve come to the right place!

Our business model was built and sustains itself from a deep passion to provide the best possible care for our client’s pets with a strong commitment to community, safety and fun! We provide on foot services in the condo dense neighbourhood of Liberty Village creating a fast-paced work environment that allows us to take dog walking from a solo adventure to a group activity.

‪We are looking for people that truly want to work with animals and see a professional future with them. If you are an animal lover looking for a unique position within the pet services industry, we want to hear from you!


At the Village Dog Pack we pride ourselves in our commitment to foster an enjoyable and safe working environment full of passion and fun among like-minded individuals who love what we do and take our role seriously.
Dog walking is often an independent venture, but at the Village Dog Pack we work as a team to provide quality service by staying in touch with each other throughout the day and meet for group walks around the hood. This is a unique and exciting opportunity with plenty of room to grow. We believe in rewarding high-quality work and taking care of our team members! There are numerous opportunities outside the daytime operating hours including evening shifts, overnight petsitting and further advancement. 

We're looking for reliable, outgoing, independent and conscientious individuals. Someone who enjoys the outdoors and who strives to maintain positive relationships among the community. 

Application Process:
Please email a bio/cover letter with your Resume for experience, prerequisites and why you want to be a dog walker. 

Interviews will be conducted in Two Phases:

  • First Phase will be an interview with the owner

  • Second Phase will be a working interview where you will walk alongside a Pack Leader not to last more than four hours.


  • Passion to work with animals and a lot of experience with them, particularly dogs

  • Must be 19 years or older

  • No criminal record. Background check required

  • Punctual, organized, independent, patient + responsible

  • Has a positive, enthusiastic and friendly demeanour

  • Enjoys being outdoors regardless of the weather

  • Strong Communication Skills 

  • Willing to communicate outside work hours to organize schedules etc.

  • Must have a smartphone with data for communication (WhatsApp etc). 

  • Have reliable living accommodation suitable for petsitting

  • Typical operating hours are M-F 10:00-4:30 pm with the occasional evening walks.

  • All walks are local to Liberty Village.

  • No vehicle is required.

  • Occasional pet sitting and cat visits are also included in this role.


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