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Our Pack Leaders are compassionate, experienced animal lovers who are all Pet First Aid Certified.

A teamwork philosophy ensures that our Pack Leaders are able to work together on a day-to-day basis and ensure that our group walks are creative and exciting for your dog, letting them meet up with other dogs and packs each day. So fun!


Danielle Gilmour - Liberty Village

Owner + Pack Leader
Pet First Aid Certified


My not-so-secret love for animals began at a very young age. Having spent my whole life in the company of family pets and befriended wildlife; my understanding, love and respect for animals is deeply rooted in who I am. After pursuing a fast-paced corporate career, I soon realized I lacked passion for my role and made the leap to finally do what I always dreamed of- working with animals! My own fur-baby, Goose was a big catapult forward. Being someone who loves being outdoors and encouraged to spend hours doing so with my very own wild-child, I began to introduce myself to many others in the industry and quickly gained momentum from there. 

I know just how important it is that all animals be cared for by someone who embraces spending time with them and who appreciates the complex personalities each pup has to offer. Myself and all of us at the Village Dog Pack pride ourselves in always practicing patience and positive reinforcement when dealing with our furry friends. We want to encourage confidence and happy days! Why else would we be doing what we are if not for the smiles and happy dog days?! Animals have such an undeniable abundance of love to give, best part of my day? Giving it right back!  

I have been with The Village Dog Pack since 2015, working alongside previous owners Kim and Jenna. It has been the greatest privilege of my life spending my days among the many goofy, loving and special faces that make up our VDP dogs and cats (and other species). Getting to build relationships with all of our clients over the years and our bond that grows out of our joint love of their Scruffyis so special. I'm really really proud of what us collectively at VDP have built.  With the most amazing team and clients, I am so excited about VDP's future and where we're going to go from here, while always putting our clients and fur-family needs first.

With countless miles in the industry, a never-ending journey of learning, alongside my experience and my hyper awareness of dog behaviour; make me a confident and responsible care taker for your kids. I continually educate myself and believe in practicing positive reinforcement (R+) methods. Communication, transparency and trust are foundations which I pride the business on, expecting it from both parties along with a lot of love and support. I am Pet First Aid Certified with St. John Ambulance and a confident Pack Leader. Dog or cat owners alike (aka Mom and Dad) can feel safe, informed and excited to leave their 4-legged children in our hands.

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Jenna Norman - Fremont Village

Owner + Pack Leader + Dog Trainer 
Professional Dog Walking Certification 

Pet First Aid Certified 

How often do you get to wake up and enjoy the work you do? That's everyday for me.  My love and passion for animals started when I was a little girl growing up in a house full of cats and by owning my own dog Jax. Moving to Toronto in 2006 from Vancouver, I was exposed to more dogs than I’d ever imagine and I knew I had to get into the pet care industry as I truly liked being outside and playing with canine friends.

In 2013, I was lucky enough to start my career as a Pack Leader, working alongside Kim Cooke and The Village Dog Pack. Over that time, I wanted to make a difference in the life of every dog that I worked with, and that included figuring out a way to develop better bonds with the packs. I started by reading book after book on dog training and behaviour, then enrolled in a sixteen-week dog training course to become our team’s in-house Certified Dog Trainer.

In 2015, I was given to opportunity to take full ownership of the Village Dog Pack and knew I needed to expand my knowledge in order to really provide the support and service every dog and dog owner deserves. To do so, I decided to become a certified dog walker through Dogtech: The Dog Walking Academy; while there I learned more about canine behavior, new pack-management techniques and fight protocols. I’m a firm believer that proper exercise and socialization is essential in maintaining a well-balanced and well-mannered dog.

With all the success of the Village Dog Pack in Toronto, we've been brainstorming and planning the future so we can continue to grow and make ourselves shine both as individuals and as a company. That said, I'm excited to announce that I'll be moving back to Vancouver, to open up our second Village Dog Pack location in Fremont Village, Port Coquitlam. Calling Toronto home for the last 13 years has been so joyful and rewarding beyond words.  I'm really looking forward to starting the next chapter for the company and to bring the superior level of service Toronto has grown to love to BC.

"Happiness is coming home to a wet nose and wagging tail"

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Nicole Fischer

Pack Leader + Manager
Pet First Aid Certified

I’m so excited to be a part of The Village Dog Pack family. I take special pride and care in my position as a new pack leader and manager. As a child growing up on a small farm in Nova Scotia I fell in love with all animals, especially with our family dog Brooke.  My love for dogs grew into a passion for taking care of them as well.

I am so happy that I get to be a part of such an amazing team who loves and cares just as much as I do and who also accept me as one of the pack. I am more enthused each day to meet and get to know each dog and get to be a part of each one’s daily life and growth. 


I’m excited for the adventures to come!

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Natasha Kumagai

Pack Leader

I am over the moon to have gotten a job with the Village Dog Pack and to have become a new Pack Leader! Dogs have been a huge part of my family from a young age and it has always been a passion of mine to work with animals. I recently moved from Ireland where I left my two beloved pets with family, so I couldn’t be happier working with the pups of Liberty who never cease to brighten my day! 


The Village Dog Pack are such a welcoming and supportive group, who are also full of fun!

It’s great to be a part of a compassionate team who provide and also strive for a high quality service and the overall wellbeing of animals we tend to.

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Cassie Alexander

Honourary Pack Leader

Professional Dog Walking Certification 

Pet First Aid Certified


I have always had a love for dogs and working with them. Growing up in Ottawa, I got my first job working with dogs at a boarding kennel. Once I moved to Toronto to study Fine Arts Photography at Ryerson University, I gravitated toward a job at a pet supply and grooming store as a dog bather and sales associate.


Following the summer after graduation I was lucky enough to land a position with the Village Dog Pack where alongside getting to work with dogs, I get to apply my education by managing social media.

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Jaime Price

Certified Animal Bowen

Physiotherapy Practitioner
Pet First Aid Certified


I started walking with Kim for the VDP over 10 years ago and it's been a rewarding experience that ultimately led me to my 'forever' career as an Animal Bowen Physiotherapy Practitioner and soon to be Canine Nutritionist. I'm extremely proud of the reputation that I've had part in building, and watching this little company grow into the VDP we know today has inspired me to dream big! I don't know of another business where, no matter the day you might have been having, it can all be so easily turned around by a goofy smile, a kiss, having someone greet you with their favourite toy...etc!


The love of a dog is my life fuel and there is no shortage of love when it comes to our pack members - some days it's the only thing that gets us out of bed (you heard me, February!). When I found out about Bowen Therapy and considered long term options, the VDP was hugely supportive and have been nothing but as I've expanded my knowledge and grown my interests.


As I go forward with Canine Nutrition, I plan to infect everyone with my enthusiasm for animal health. We want our pack leaders and pack parents to be informed, empowered and passionate advocates for their pet's health. I can't wait to see us continue down the road with this great team!


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