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"The Village Dog Pack Ladies have been a life line and saving grace for Lexi, Steve and me.  We have been with The Village Dog Pack since we moved here to Liberty Village.  They have always understood Lexi, cared for Lexi perfectly whether on a walk or overnight and reported back to if they had any concerns in a timely manner and even have sent me cute pictures and videos of Lexi having fun.
Recently, we have leaned and expected much more from these lovely professional ladies. Lexi was diagnosed with bone cancer in her Left front leg 4 months ago at the worst possible time for us and we needed qualified help with Lexi when we could not be with her not only through surgery recovery but now  with chemo.  The ladies have been stellar.  Jenna, as the core of the Village Dog Pack worked with us fashioning a program that suited Lexi’s needs and requirements.  The ladies were as heart broken as we were as Lexi struggled through and now her cheerleaders as she fights the cancer beast. Again the Village Dog Pack Ladies are our life line for sure.

Diane & Steve Hack (Lexi)

"Having a new puppy after having an older dog for many years has been a roller coaster - you do forget the puppy stages! Kim and Jenna have been more than just a dog walker/sitter for Zoe (and Piggy the guinea pig too!!). I know that they are knowledgeable about dogs, and they treat Zoe the same way do, which is especially important during puppy training!! I feel at ease going to work in the morning, knowing that Jenna will be there in a few hours to walk Zoe. It's also great to have the VDP dog sit for Zoe when we go away - I know Zoe will get lots of exercise, and I get lots of pictures and updates of her having fun. It lets us relax and enjoy our vacation knowing that she's having one of her own!"

Tricia & Norm (Zoe & Piggy)

Chris & Laine (Junior)

"Being the owner of a high energy, high anxiety Jack Russell, I always find it reassuring to see Juniors report card and know he was in good hands with his pack buddies. I've enlisted other service providers in the past. In all aspects of this business, none have provided the same level of service, dedication and genuine affection for Junior. Promises are kept, schedules are followed and feedback is often provided to ensure your pets well being is always maintained. Don't waste your time sourcing other walkers if you live in Liberty Village. The girls in the pink shirts have the market cornered for a reason. They are the best."

Marcela & Luiz (Olive)

"After we had a baby our lives became a lot busier, and Olive was being left behind. Being a very anxious dog, we weren´t sure a pack walk would do her any good, but we decided at one point to give it a try and started using the Village Dog pack services. Very soon we noticed she became a happier, friendlier dog. Jenna did an amazing job in training her on how to behave towards other dogs. Olive now has many four legged friends and looks forward to her pack walks, especially those with Junior and Jax!"

"I've never encountered a more professional service than the Village Dog Pack. I know that they'll take great care of my babies when I can't get home to walk them and I LOVE the little perk of having their daily report cards. As soon as I walk in the door, I ask Ridley and Lizzie, "How was your day? Wait! Let me check the report card." and then read it out loud to them. It's a wonderful way to keep me connected to them."

Tara & Carlos (Ridley & Lizzie)

Justine & Adam (Ruby)

"Not only are the girls extremely reliable and flexible; they're ready to take on whatever our fur babies throw at them! They're willing to go the extra mile whether it be through special care or pet advice. I adore them all & can't thank them enough!"

Melissa (Frankie)

"It's obvious that the pack leaders truly care about the dogs they walk. Frankie is always excited to see the pack and it's such a relief to know he is in these ladies hands. I absolutely love the "report cards" I get each day after his walk. I can't recommend this service highly enough."

Josh & Romey (Petunia)

"The walkers have been looking after my baby Petunia since we just got her about a year ago. All the lovely ladies who walk Petunia genuinely care and are extremely responsible and reliable, and they take amazing care of my baby. Not only that, but they always go out of their way to go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of my baby. I can't recommend the Village Dog Pack enough."

Jamie & Chris (Mak)

"We have been a client of the Village Dog Pack for almost 4 years. We can't express how special you guys are. Sometimes we think our boy is more excited to see the girls then to see us!! We sincerely love you guys and everything you do. You guys really do love these dogs like they are all your own!"

Sam & Lydia (Moose)

"Moose always has a blast when the Pack Leaders take care of her. There's no doubt that every time, we'll come home to her happy and exhausted! Every time we see a Pack Leader in the neighbourhood, Moose is excited and is always looking forward to the next walk!"

Hoann (Princess & JJ)

"I am thrilled to recommend The Village Dog Pack. They are very professional and really get to know their animals and human clients. You can tell that the team truly loves animals and know how to take good care of them. They are very reliable, always helping me out when I need emergency or planned cat sitting and dog walking. As someone extremely picky about how my pets are cared for, I trust The Village Dog Pack 100% and highly recommend them."

Kathy (Raffi)

"I highly recommend the Village Dog Pack leaders. My dog Raffi has been a pack member since we moved to Liberty Village in 2013. At that time, I just started a full-time job after finishing school and Raffi was not used to his new schedule. The Village Dog Pack really helped him overcome his separation anxiety and I know he enjoys his everyday walk with other pack members."

"We love the Liberty Village Dog Pack! The crew is absolutely fantastic with dogs and they take our little puppy on such great walks. From our perspective there are two standout reasons why their service is so great (and better than her competitors) - their report card system and flexible schedule. On the former, the report-cards are so great, they let us know when our dog were last out, where they went and what kind of bathroom breaks they made - it is very helpful! The flexible schedule is essential to someone like me (where my schedule changes daily) - I love how I can make my own weekly schedule with them and we don't have to agree to a certain number of walks or a structured schedule to make it work!"

Jill (Liberty)

Judy (Ellie)

"The "ladies in pink" are amazing. They are knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and most important, they really care about your pet and your needs. My boxer pup Ellie has been a "pack member" since she was 4 months old. She is almost 10 months now. She is always so excited and happy when she is picked up for her walk. I can tell she loves them. The Village Dog Pack is first class!"

Lisa (Paddington C.)

"As a new pet parent, the Village Dog Pack team has been invaluable! I love that Paddington gets to hang out with other dogs on his walks, the training course has given me confidence as we get to know each other and their advice has been a comfort to me as I try not to worry I am screwing things up. And I know Paddington loves it! I can't thank the team enough!"

"The Pack Leaders are amazing. Two years ago I adopted a Boston Terrier X named Amadeus. Not only is he a special needs dog (he is deaf) but he was also lacking in social and leash-walking skills. Through consistent weekly walks with The Village Dog Pack, extensive discussions and recommendations and the kind and caring leadership of all the dog walkers, Amadeus has made tremendous strides. They've helped to calm his anxieties when meeting new dogs, he's much more social and his leash-walking continues to improve. The daily progress report left behind after every walk shows how the walk went, who he walked with, and notes any other important details. As a new "parent", I'm comforted knowing that my fur-baby is getting some exercise while I'm away at work. Amadeus loves all the Pink Ladies and we both highly recommend this service."

Sandra (Amadeus)

Lori (Winston & Safiya)

"Winston loves hanging out with the Village Dog Pack team! He makes so many friends that everyone in the neighborhood knows him! If I could only be so popular! The Village Dog Pack team is always there for Winston for last minute walks and dinner when I am delayed at work, or just want to go out with friends on the fly. They are unbelievably reliable and both my dog Winston AND my cat Safiya (who loves the in house care when I am away) love them all. THANK YOU for being there when I need you!"

"The Village Dog Pack is fantastic! Daisy loves her dog walker and it is great to know she is in such good hands while I am at work. I would highly recommend this service to anyone in the area!"

Jessica (Daisy)

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