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Your kiddo will be happy and comfortable spending their time with a familiar face!
**Pet Sitting Services are only available to clients** 


24 hours of service
(for example Friday @ 5pm - Sunday @ 5pm = a 2 day service)

We will provide pick-up and drop-off based on what works best with your travel plans. We never book more than one dog per pet-sitting household at a time in order to guarantee the premium level of one-on-one care. This not only ensures that we are not compromising our quality of care by spreading ourselves too thin, but that we also abide by the rules set by condo boards. Please note, we do not pet sit dogs that aren't house trained.

Additional Dog Charge for MultiPet Households - $30


Doggie Daycare

Up to 8 Hours - drop offs are no later than 9pm
(for example Friday@3pm - 9pm or Saturday@12pm - 8pm)

How it works is one of the Pack Leaders will pick up your pup at the arranged time and bring them to their house. That's when the adventure begins. They’ll have fun playing, walking and socializing in the company of our own dogs. And when the day is over, we'll return them back home at the arranged time. If we have them over their feeding times, we can bring their food to our place as well. Please note, we do not offer daycare to dogs that aren't house trained.

Doggie Daycare is only available evenings & weekends and for current Pack Members



1 visit per day/30 min

We will come to check in on your kitty daily. While there, we feed, scoop, brush and play (and water any plants, if required).

2 visit per day/30 min ($24 per visit)


Jenna & dogs
Cooper. S & Jax_edited
Danielle & dogs
Pet Sitting Splash
Fergus and Goose
Olive and Marley

New client? Please click the button below to get started!

* Additional visits/walks available. Inquire for multi-pet discounts.

* All services subject to availability. All services subject to HST.

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