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Well, the time has finally come where we are proud to announce that we will be offering a unique and comprehensive training course called "Leader of the Pack Training". The Pack Leader Jenna Norman has spent countless hours fine tuning a program that is based on what we do best—Walking!
We will be using non-verbal communication and an umbilical style leash to create a hands-free experience and to teach your dog how to read your body language and to follow your lead. These skills will help you to define your role and to help your dog to understand his or her role in your pack. Your dog will feel challenged and rewarded throughout the experience and, in turn, become an exemplary walker.
A wonderful side effect of your dog feeling fulfilled and confident in his pack is that lots of other "issues" that many people experience tend to work themselves out—ie, barking, fearfulness, aggression towards other dogs, etc. The skills and exercises are designed to help you and your pup (of any age) grow together and to build a strong, trusting relationship with one another.
If we take a moment to remember that our dogs only ever want to please us and realize that it is up to us to tell them what we want and expect, then they will happily go to the moon and back to do those things. The trick is learning how to communicate with them in a way that they can easily understand. Additionally, teaching your dog to look to you to lead will help him feel comfortable and to know that you are in control so that he can enjoy being, well... "just a dog"—uninhibited and carefree :)


Next session - Please contact for further details.



"Since taking the Leader of the Pack Training Program, the improvement in Atlas has been incredible! When we first started the program I could barely walk Atlas. He was in the rambunctious puppy stage of his life and acted like a Tasmanian Devil getting both of us worked up to the point where walks were stressful and often miserable. During training Jenna taught me the importance of being "in charge" with Atlas.


Jenna was incredible, putting in so much extra effort for me and helping me create techniques that worked for Atlas and I. The specialized one-on-one attention that Jenna gave Atlas and I has resulted in us having a healthier, happier doggy/pack leader relationship. Now I feel like I understand Atlas and can provide him with the positive attention and boundaries that he needs. Since completing the program Atlas has become the absolute light of my life again, like he was one I first got him as a tiny little puppy! Thanks Jenna and the team."

Morgan (Atlas)

"I am so happy I decided to take The Leader of the Pack Training Program. Zoe learned so much in 6 weeks, and now has much more respect for us. Jenna and the team were great with both me and Zoe - giving us tips along the way to ensure success. I now feel much more confident that I have the skills to raise my puppy right. I also love the fact that the people walking my dog are walking her the same way I was trained too -more consistency and less confusion for her!"

Tricia & Norm (Zoe)

"I just wanted to take the time to let you both know how pleased both Peter and I are with your Leader of the Pack Training course. As you both know Peter is an 80 pound and 4 year old boxer and has always been well behaved on pack walks with your Village Dog Pack leaders but with myself and other family members it wasn't always the case.


Peter became unpredictable and sometimes aggressive on our walks when my baby came along and he pulled on the leash and even lunged at both people and dogs occasionally. I knew I had to do something living in Liberty Village with so many other dogs and people around. I tried several different techniques and training tools, but it wasn't until I attended your course that I was able to truly communicate with Peter in a way he understood. I can't thank you both enough for teaching me how to be a Pack Leader. Peter is not only a different dog on the leash now, but he is much happier and calmer. He is able to read my body language and walks at my side during walks. I went from dreading our daily walks and trying to avoid all other dogs and people to really enjoying this time with both my dog and my son and chatting with neighbours and their dogs.


After each session with your Leader of the Pack training, I went away feeling more confident as a Pack Leader and doing the "homework" really helped to teach Peter how to look to me for guidance. I also must mention how impressed I was with your trainer Jenna. Jenna exceeded my expectations. She went above and beyond as a Pack Leader and even worked one on one with Peter and I outside of class time more than once. Her level of commitment and passion for dogs is truly admirable. I would not hesitate to recommend The Village Dog Pack Leader of the Pack Training Course to any dog owner!"

Christina & Dan (Peter)

"I joined this class because I honestly thought it would be something fun for Henry and I to do together to get more activity into his life! He is over 12 now so I thought he is set in his ways, I now realize it was me not him! I didn't realize how a few small changes would have such a huge impact in 3 short weeks.


Changing his collar from a harness to the martingale collar you recommended and putting the leash around my waist versus gripping it and pulling it constantly. Giving Henry the opportunity to pay attention to me versus me sending him all the wrong signals, although well meaning, but not trusting my dog of 12 years to adapt to the environment around him. What we are doing in class just enforces what you and your awesome team do with him daily on your walks. He clicked in right away. It makes sense to him now getting the same messages from everyone. We are all talking a language he understands.


He is calmer and happier and engaged daily. He is friendlier with other dogs, which was hit and miss before. Mostly a miss! We are still working, but the improvement is drastic. He is thinking more now when we are out versus reacting. We are having better walks and I am not thinking about past scenarios with new encounters, but enjoying our new outings together and all the new possibilities.


When we get home he is very tired and very well behaved :-) He loves the classes and catches on to everything so quickly because of the power of a group of dogs all accomplishing the same things! I honestly didn't think my dog enjoyed the company of other dogs and I now realize how wrong I was for a very long time! Passing in elevators and close contact is no longer stressful for either of us. He just rolls with change now. He is less territorial. There is still ongoing work and it never ends because consistency is key, but I have learned so much in 3 weeks about me mostly and about dogs and Henry.


The last comment is that the girls create a wonderful environment for people to be honest and share problems and work through them with no judgement. Its just a very positive and supportive environment with everyone wanting their dogs to be good citizens in our small community. You put us in real day to day scenarios and correct the problems as the happen changing the experience from something people might avoid completely to how its a learning experience for all, safely and how to come out of those experiences with a positive outcome therefore building dog and owner confidence and proper behaviour! All in all making for better relationships with our dogs, our neighbours and our community! I can't thank you, Jenna and your whole team enough."

Diane (Henry)

"I have recently attended the Liberty Dog Pack, six week training program with my four month old goldendoodle puppy, Freddy. Being the youngest member of the pack, Freddy had a little bit more of a learning curve then some of the other participants. Distractions are common, and excitement levels are high in a new puppy. Jenna and the girls were fantastic and were very willing to go off course and work with Freddy and I in the particular battles that we faced on our walks and in the home. Freddy has made such great progress since we began this program, and we will continue to work and build the skills that this training has provided us with. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with a dog(s) of any age, size, or breed."

Lauren (Freddy)

"The training I have received from the Village Dog Pack has been fantastic. I have an 80+ pound Old English Sheepdog and when he wants to head off in a different direction than me it's hard to refuse!! After the first week of training I noticed a significant difference in how Winston behaves with me while we are walking and in the house. We are only half way through our training and not only have I noticed a change, but those who know Winston have told me they see a significant difference in him as well. I am SO happy I decided to take this training, thank you Jenna and the girls."

Lori (Winston)

"We couldn't have been more pleased with our 'Leader of the Pack' training from Kim and Jenna this fall. The intimate class size (just 4 of us) meant we had plenty of one on one time and attention through the course. Betty White was the youngest student they ever had (6 months old), and Jenna would offer added advice just for us. The fact that we also use their services for dog visits/pack walks meant that the approaches from class were being positively reinforced every day, not just by us, but by the team as well. This consistency was incredibly valuable! Overall the course helped us to develop and even stronger relationship with Betty, both on leash and off, and for that we're forever grateful!"

Madeline & Zack (Betty White)

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